Exquisite Baltic Amber Jewelry: The Tarasova Collection

About The Tarasova Baltic Amber Collection

Stunology Baltic Amber Designer JewelryMost Baltic amber jewelry is plain, and much of it is made from lower grades of amber. It is difficult to find necklaces that are more than a simple strand of beads or a single stone pendants. Matching earrings are difficult, if not impossible to find. The Tarasova collection of stunning Baltic Amber jewelry is an exception.

The Tarasova Collection of exquisite Baltic amber jewelry was created in 1999 by Luba Tarasova in Kaliningrad, Russia. Today Luba oversees more than twenty artisans in Kaliningrad who handcraft the designs she creates from Baltic amber and authentic Swarovski crystals. Each amber bead is hand-made and individually polished. Each piece is the result of hours of labor and painstaking, fine workmanship.

The Tarasova Collection has provided special pieces to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, as well as museums in Boston and Philadelphia. The Tarasova Collection was also featured on the Gem shopping Network. The stunning pieces in the Tarasova Collection have become are difficult to find on the retail market.

About Baltic Amber

natural baltic amber at the baltic seaAmber is fossilized tree resin from forests that existed up to 44 million years ago. Amber naturally occurs in 350 shades of yellow (the most common), black, green, white, red, with the rarest color being blue. Amber has been used since since the Paleolithic era to make jewelry, medical drugs, perfume and religious artifacts. In today’s world, Baltic amber is in great demand and has a short supply.

Amber occurs globally, however amber from the Baltic Sea area remains the most precious and sought-after amber in the world. Baltic amber is unique in its succinic acid content that gives it a mineralogical hardness of between 2 and 3, which is rather greater than that of most all other amber.

Baltic Amber is primarly collected from the shores of the Baltic Sea, especially when autumn storms tear amber from the seabeds. Roughly 20 percent of the amber collected is suitable for jewelry, and only ten percent of that amber is clear (gem quality). Today about 90% of the world’s gem quality amber comes from Kaliningrad, Russia.

Stunology’s Baltic Amber Jewelry

Chinese demand has made gem quality Baltic amber the new Baltic gold. Baltic amber is currently only mined in Russia’s Kaliningrad region, which lies approximately 1,200km west of Moscow. Stunology provides the highest quality authentic gem-quality Baltic amber jewelry available. Many of the pieces you find in our Tarasova Collection can’t be bought anyplace else!